Aluwood Series | Curtain wall - Facade 50


Wood-aluminium curtain wall is a modern-looking system that provides static requirements and used for large openings. In modern architecture, it is used instead of walls to provide more light penetration and provide aesthetics to the building. This powerful system; creates a perfect solution when used together with window, door, and sliding systems. This system has very good heat and sound insulation.

  • Inside as a supporting construction made of solid wood laminate, outside as a thermal insulating aluminium construction
  • Possible use with all normal types of glass, panels and opening elements
  • Great use from conservatories through small to large facade
  • Windows accessories in European standards
  • Water based European colors and varnishes
Uf 1.66 W/m²K
Ug 0.6 W/m²K
* Uw 0.79 W/m²K

* Calculated according to EN ISO 10077-2:2017 on a 1200x1800 mm curtain wall with Ug=0.6W/m²K glass.