Aluwood Wood Aluminium Curtain Walls | Facades

facade series for luminous spacesd

Developing architectural trends require brighter spaces in buildings. As a result, it requires higher windows. You can create bright and extraordinary spaces with wooden aluminum facade systems where you can pass large openings by providing static requirements and bring all the naturalness of wood to living spaces.

the facade series is ideal for stairwells
facade systems are statically strong structures

Our facade system, which is an important part of the decoration as well as its functionality, combines the visuality and warmth of natural wood inside, as well as the durability of aluminum outside.

facade systems are a popular choice as they add aesthetic to architecture
wintergardens add more space to your home

Winter Gardens

Wood aluminum winter garden systems give you the beauty of open-air in a bright and warm environment that warms you even in the coldest winter days, with extra spaces that you can design adjacent to the buildings or independently.