Why Wood Aluminium Windows and Doors?

Naturalness of wood contributes warmth and aesthetics to the environment where it is used. Moreover, the wood is preferable and better about sound insulation and healthy: that provides higher thermal insulation, with air filled cells that prevent the transfer of heat, than alternative materials. Thermal conductivity is at the very low value, such as 0.13 W/mK, and its average insulation is 8 times higher than PVC profiles, 400 times higher than steel and 1800 higher than aluminium. Wood is ideal for sound absorption, and it blocks echo and noise by absorbing them.

why wood and aluminum
  1. AA 6063 alloyed extrusion aluminium profile
  2. Polyamide warmth barrier
  3. EPDM gasket -70 ºC / +120 ºC warmth resistant
  4. Solid wood: “Impregnated” wood – bathed in a solution to protect it against insects, fungusand computer based drying procedures

Wood aluminium windows system puts together wood, which has all these features above, and advantages of aluminium, which endures for many years without requiring any maintenance treatment. In this system, you can also select colors for internal and external place independent from each other among many different variations of colors. While making choice for the appropriate color to frontage in the aluminium part, you can also select the color and texture of wood for the inner space according to your own style.

Initial investment cost of wood aluminium windows is more expensive than PVC, aluminium and solid wood window but cheaper than them all if the entire economic life is considered. In addition, while making the price comparison mistake that we make too often is: Comparison should be made between the two products showing the same performance. This comparison must be made by taking into account the issues such as insulation, aesthetics and maintenance.
You have the opportunity to choose appropriate series suitable to your project within ALUWOOD Wood Aluminium Windows Systems.